Officers of the School of Medicine

Mark S. Wrighton

David H. Perlmutter, MD
Executive Vice Chancellor for Medical Affairs and Dean; Chairman, Executive Faculty 

Jennifer K. Lodge, PhD
Vice Chancellor for Research and Associate Dean for Research

James P. Crane, MD
Associate Vice Chancellor for Clinical Affairs and Chief Executive Officer, Faculty Practice Plan

John Powers
Associate Vice Chancellor and Deputy General Counsel

David M. Shearrer
Associate Vice Chancellor for Medical and Alumni Development Programs

Richard J. Stanton
Associate Vice Chancellor for Administration and Finance

Joni Westerhouse
Associate Vice Chancellor and Associate Dean, Medical Public Affairs

Mary Corcoran
Assistant Vice Chancellor and Assistant Dean for Finance

Lisa M. Braun
Assistant Vice Chancellor and Chief Counsel

Patricia J. Gregory, PhD
Assistant Vice Chancellor and Executive Director of Medical Corporate and Foundation Relations

Melissa Hopkins
Assistant Vice Chancellor, Assistant Dean for Facilities Management

Steven L. Leary
Assistant Vice Chancellor for Veterinary Affairs and Director of the Division of Comparative Medicine

Glenda K. Wiman
Assistant Vice Chancellor and Assistant Dean of Special Programs

Michael A. Kass, MD
Senior Associate Dean for Human Research Protection

Mary E. Klingensmith, MD
Interim Senior Associate Dean for Education (9/5/2016)

Michael M. Awad, MD, PhD
Associate Dean for Medical Student Education

Koong-Nah Chung, PhD
Associate Dean for Medical Student Research and Assistant Dean for Admissions and Student Affairs

Diana L. Gray, MD
Associate Dean for Faculty Affairs

Jonathan M. Green, MD
Associate Dean for Human Studies

Rebecca P. McAlister, MD
Associate Dean for Graduate Medical Education

Lisa M. Moscoso, MD, PhD
Associate Dean for Student Affairs

Valerie S. Ratts, MD
Associate Dean for Admissions

Will R. Ross, MD, MPH
Associate Dean for Diversity

Paul A. Schoening
Associate Dean and Director of the Bernard Becker Medical Library

Allyson R. Zazulia, MD
Associate Dean for Continuing Medical Education

Kathryn M. Diemer, MD
Assistant Dean for Career Counseling

Tom Evola
Assistant Dean for Academic Affairs and Registrar

Bridget O’Neal
Assistant Dean and Director of Financial Aid

Lisa H. Stevenson
Assistant Dean for Admissions and Director of Diversity Programs

Yi Zhang
Assistant Dean for Clinical Trials and Executive Director of the Center for Clinical Studies

Karen Winters, MD
Director of the Student and Employee Health Services — Medical Campus

Stephanie Brelsford
Assistant Registrar