Background Checks and Screening for Controlled Substances

Students entering the School of Medicine who will have contact with patients are required to have criminal background checks and screening for controlled substances (THC-cannabis, cocaine, opiate, amphetamine, PCP-phencyclidine) in order to qualify for participation in patient care activities at Washington University School of Medicine-affiliated facilities. Drug screening usually will be conducted during student orientation prior to the start of classes. Incoming, prematriculant students, or visiting students will be disqualified to study at the School of Medicine if they do not consent to background checks, if they have significant positive findings on the background checks, or if they have illicit substances detected on drug screening without a bona fide medical indication. Disqualified prematriculant students and disqualified visiting students will be precluded from matriculation and will not be registered as students in the School of Medicine.

In addition, no final action will be taken on an application until the Admissions Committee has received satisfactory statement(s) (“Dean’s Certification” form(s)) from each college or university at which the applicant has completed a program of study. The certification form(s) inquire whether the applicant was subject to disciplinary charges or actions and must be completed by institutional official(s) with access to the applicant’s disciplinary records. The certification inquires about past, current, pending or future disciplinary charges or actions.