Cost of Education

For the first-year class matriculant, tuition and estimated expenses for the 2016-17 academic year are listed below. Students who enter in 2016 will benefit from a tuition stabilization plan, which provides that their annual tuition of $60,798 will be constant for up to five consecutive years. The stabilized rate will expire five academic years after matriculation. Therefore, students whose medical education is interrupted for any reason for more than one year will be charged the rate of the class they rejoin. Appeals of this policy should be submitted in writing to the registrar. The items listed below provide an estimate of the expenses for a single student in the 39-week first-year class. The total of these figures suggests a basic minimum budget of approximately $79,642. Allowances for entertainment, travel, clothing and other miscellaneous items must be added to this estimate.

Tuition (includes Student Health Service and Microscope Lending Plan): $60,798
Books, supplies and instruments: $1,396
Housing and food: $12,768
Travel and personal: $4,680