Department of Neuroscience

The structure of the human body is presented in two courses: The Human Body: Anatomy, Embryology and Imaging, offered in the first semester, and Microscopic Anatomy, which extends over the first and second semesters. A third course, Neural Sciences, is taught at the end of the second semester.

The Human Body: Anatomy, Embryology, Imaging is largely a laboratory course, and lectures deal with anatomical principles and human growth and development. Instruction in Microscopic Anatomy (Histology) focuses on cell and tissue biology, with laboratory sessions paralleling the lectures in these areas. Neural Sciences is an integrated course that deals with the structure, function and development of the nervous system from molecular, cellular and systems perspectives. Throughout all three courses, attention is paid to the results of recent investigations and to major developments in each field. In addition, the departmental faculty have a lead role in many graduate courses that may be taken as electives by students in any of the four years.

The department is well-equipped for specialized work in several areas, including gross anatomy, tissue culture and all aspects of neurobiology.

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