Biomedical Engineering Courses

BME 471 Bioelectric Phenomena
BME 4904 Interfaces and Attachments in Natural and Engineered Structures
BME 501 Graduate Seminar
BME 503A Cell and Organ Systems Biology
BME 506 Seminar in Imaging Science and Engineering
BME 507 Radiological Physics and Dosimetry
BME 524 Tissue Engineering
BME 530A Molecular Cell Biology for Engineers
BME 537 Computational Molecular Biology
BME 538 Cell Signal Transduction
BME 550 Numerical Methods for Computational Modeling in Biomedicine
BME 559 Intermediate Biomechanics
BME 5565 Mechanobiology of Cells and Matrices
BME 5610 Protein Structure and Dynamics
BME 564 Orthopaedic Biomechanics-Cartilage & Tendon
BME 565 Biosolid Mechanics
BME 568 Cardiovascular Dynamics
BME 572 Biological Neural Computation
BME 574 Quantitative Bioelectricity and Cardiac Excitation
BME 575 Molecular Basis of Bioelectrical Excitation
BME 5771 Biomedical Product Development
BME 5772 Biomedical Business Development
BME 589 Biological Imaging Technology
BME 5901 Integrative Cardiac Electrophysiology*
BME 5902 Cellular Neurophysiology
BME 5903 Physical Methods for Biomedical Scientists
BME 5907 Advanced Concepts in Image Science
BME 5911 Cardiovascular Biophysics Journal Club
BME 5913 Molecular Systems Biology: Computation & Measurements for Understanding Cell Physiology and Disease
BME 593 Computational Methods for Inverse Problems
BME 594 Ultrasound Imaging

For additional related courses, see the courses of the School of Engineering & Applied Science.