Program for Humanities in Medicine

The Program for Humanities in Medicine is a University-wide program directed by Dr. Colleen Wallace and dedicated to providing students with a broadened exposure to areas other than the biological sciences during their medical education. The mission of the program is to generate an appreciation of the relationship of human experience, culture, institutions and values to medicine and thereby help to educate professionals who will apply that understanding to their activities as practicing physicians, researchers, educators, and medical administrators. This program is an enhancement of an already strong curriculum to prepare medical students to pursue their professional careers more effectively. It takes a major role in the Practice of Medicine course integrated over the first three years of medical school. In addition, all students take one to two Humanities Selectives during their first year, and several electives are offered during the fourth year for interested students as well.


Instructor: Colleen Wallace, MD, 454-6299

This is a required course for the first year of medical school. Students select topics of interest for in-depth study initiated by discussions in a small-group seminar format. Development of topics includes input from a broad range of disciplines, including sociology, philosophy, music, literature, ethics, history, and communications. Selectives are offered as a menu of mini-courses, each consisting of five 2-hour or six 1.5-hour sessions with a faculty member devoted to an individual subject. Each student must select one course from the menu, and may choose a second course if desired.