Physical Therapy

Physical therapy is the science of human movement applied to rehabilitation, injury, fitness, injury prevention and overall health. Practicing in a variety of settings, physical therapists diagnose and treat movement dysfunction in patients with skill, competence and compassion. The Program in Physical Therapy is committed to providing students with excellent scientific and clinical education in an environment that strives to continually lead the industry in practice, research, innovation and advocacy of movement health.

The Program in Physical Therapy at the School of Medicine offers three formal curricula that collectively foster opportunities for lifelong learning and comprehensive career development.

The professional Doctor of Physical Therapy

The professional curriculum is an intensive three-year experience leading to the degree of Doctor of Physical Therapy. The principle focus of this professional training is to develop scientific and clinical expertise in the diagnosis and treatment of movement-related conditions. By integrating biomedical and physical sciences and clinical education with behavioral and social sciences, this curriculum provides students with the scientific expertise, critical thinking skills and interpersonal communication necessary for effective clinical practice, comprehensive treatment design, patient advocacy, patient education and health promotion. Applicants for admission must have completed 1) a bachelor’s degree at an accredited institution, and 2) prerequisite courses in biology, chemistry, physics, mathematics, anatomy, physiology, English, psychology, social sciences and humanities, 3) have a minimum math/science, core prerequisites and science GPA of 3.0 and 4) the Graduate Record Examination.

Doctor of Philosophy in Movement Science

The focus of the interdisciplinary doctoral program in movement science is to prepare future researchers and faculty members who can enhance the profession of physical therapy. Admission to this curriculum requires acceptable scores on the Graduate Record Examination, excellence in previous academic work and demonstrated beginning abilities in posing questions of importance to the study of movement.

The faculty members of the Program in Physical Therapy are committed to being leaders in discovering and transmitting new knowledge related to movement dysfunction, preparing clinicians to assume multiple roles in a complex health-care environment and fulfilling the service mission to society through active participation in humanistic, scientifically-based patient care. Students in all curricula are expected to participate actively in an environment that values integrity, initiative, creativity and the strong belief that physical therapy intervention promotes health. In these ways, all individuals associated with the Program in Physical Therapy may achieve their highest professional and personal potential.


Professional DPT curriculum: $18,634 per semester
Doctoral curriculum: $24,475 per semester

Further information

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