Glossary of Terms

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The following definitions are applied when the indicated terms are used in relation to the foregoing rules concerning review of academic performance and professional integrity:

Academic Warning, Advancement with

A supervised status that may be imposed if a students cumulative academic review indicates that special oversight is warranted. See section on Cumulative Academic Review/Academic Warning for additional information.

Action, Disciplinary

An action, including counseling and penalties, taken by the School of Medicine, after consideration of the disciplinary problem.

Administrative Withdrawal

Termination of a students enrollment from or eligibility to return to the School of Medicine by the University where the student has:

A. failed to register and has not sought a leave of absence; or

B. not returned from an approved leave of absence within the designated period of time and where an extension of the leave of absence has not been timely requested and approved by the CAPES.

Dismissal, Academic

Involuntary separation of a student from the School of Medicine because he/she has not met the academic requirements.

Dismissal, Disciplinary

Involuntary separation of a student from the School of Medicine as a result of action taken because of misconduct.

Good Standing

As a record or transcript notation, it signifies that the student is eligible
to continue, to return, or to transfer elsewhere. It implies good academic standing as well as good citizenship and replaces such terms previously
used as honorable dismissal, honorable withdrawal, withdrawn, voluntary withdrawal, eligible to return and clear record.

Grade, Incomplete

Indicates there is still a possibility of credit after further work. Used when the instructor is not prepared to give a final mark for the term in view either of sickness of the student or some justifiable delay in the completion of certain work. It is accompanied by a note that explains the circumstances and indicates how and when the incomplete may be resolved. A definitive mark for the term is recorded on the official transcript when the work is completed and the incomplete grade is removed. In case the work is not completed within the time allowed, the recorded grade will be changed to fail.

Permanent Academic Record

The all-inclusive abstract of academic achievement. This is also commonly referred to as the official educational record or official transcript.


Probation status may be for academic and for disciplinary reasons. Academic probation is the result of unsatisfactory scholarship. It is not a penalty but a warning and provides an opportunity to improve. Usually the student is required to make regular specified improvement in his record in order to avoid dismissal.

Disciplinary probation is the middle status between good standing and suspension or dismissal. The student remains enrolled but under stated conditions according to school policies. Disciplinary probation covers
a stated trial period during which it is determined whether the student is returned to good standing having met the stated requirements or
dismissed from enrollment at the end of the period for failure to meet the stated requirements.

Professionalism Concern Form

A form completed by a member of the University community to communicate an instance of unprofessional behavior to the Associate Dean for Student Affairs. Serious or repeated instances of unprofessional behavior may be referred to the CAPES by the Associate Dean for Student Affairs.


Suspension is an involuntary separation of the student from the school but it differs from dismissal from enrollment in that it implies and states a time limit when return will be possible. Thus, suspension may extend for a specified time, until a specified date or until a stated condition is met.


A release from enrollment. A student may request that they be allowed to withdraw from enrollment. Such requests are directed to the Registrar or the Associate Dean for Student Affairs. When a student has requested withdrawal status, the school, by action of the CAPES, will determine whether the withdrawal will be annotated with good standing or not in good standing in the official academic record. Such annotations may be accompanied by explanations in the official educational record.