Indications for Review of Professional Integrity

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Matters involving possible breaches of professional integrity shall be brought to the attention of the Associate Dean for Student Affairs. The individual(s) raising the questions of possible misconduct shall present them in writing to the Associate Dean for Student Affairs by completing a Professionalism Concern Form providing other detailed written information as necessary. Individuals submitting such forms are reminded of the need for confidentiality regarding all matters of misconduct.

Behaviors inappropriate to the medical profession shall include, but
are not limited to breaches of personal confidence and trust including cheating or unauthorized use of materials during examinations; abuse, misrepresentations or other seriously improper conduct in relation to patients or colleagues including breaches of confidentiality; other misconduct in violation of University policies or the University Student Judicial Code; illegality; substance abuse; failure of judgment including that related to non-compliance in the treatment of any personal medical condition; and misrepresentation or failure in personal actions or in meeting obligations, so as to raise serious unresolved doubts about the integrity of the student to enter the practice of medicine. See the Guiding Principles of Professionalism link under the Policies section on the School of Medicine website.