Individual Study Program

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The educational program is designed to assist the specialized needs

of all medical students in an individualized and personalized manner. Tutorial assistance is available to any student at any time as detailed below. Occasionally students who have difficulty in handling the normal academic course load will enter an Individual Study Program (ISP), requiring five years to complete rather than four years.

The following rules govern students engaged in an ISP:

A. The intent of an ISP is to optimize the prospect that the student will successfully complete the curriculum. Entry into an ISP may occur in one of three ways: 1) a student may request an ISP, or after careful consideration of the students academic performance at intervals throughout the curriculum, the CAPES may either 2) recommend or 3) require entry into an ISP.

B. The specific program of any ISP (i.e. the content and sequences
of courses) will be determined by the Associate Dean for Student Affairs with input from the student, relevant course masters and the CAPES. The specific recommendations of the CAPES will generally be adopted. The plan for execution of an ISP, once established, will be recorded in the students file in the Registrars office and a copy provided to the student.

C. Unless extenuating circumstances exist, ISP students are required to take the examinations for a particular course in their usual temporal relationship to the coursework. Requests for exceptions due to unusual circumstances should be recorded in the students file in the Office of the Associate Dean for Student Affairs. Approval of such requests is considered according to the Washington University School of Medicine Guidelines for Exam Administration found in the Policies section of the School of Medicine website.

D. In the event that a single Fail or Incomplete grade is recorded for a student after entry into an ISP, the CAPES will again review the students record. The consequences may include remediation, repeat of the course, or dismissal from the School.

E. Students on an ISP who have not successfully completed and received a grade of Pass or above in all required courses of the first- and second-year curricula by the start of the second six-week period in the year of the clinical clerkship may be dismissed from the School.