Procedures Concerning Review of Academic Performance

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Actions for Academic Review shall be referred to the CAPES for consideration by the Associate Dean for Student Affairs or Registrar.

A. The Associate Dean for Student Affairs will convene a meeting of the CAPES. He/she shall notify the student in writing of the course(s) for which Academic Review is scheduled and the date and time at which the CAPES will address the matter.

B. The Associate Dean for Student Affairs, the Registrar, the course master(s) or their designated representatives, shall present the matter to the CAPES in a closed and confidential CAPES meeting.

C. For students referred for course or examination failure, the CAPES meetings will have, in addition to the grade report forms for the course for which the student is referred to the CAPES, a complete record of the student’s academic performance and the student file.

D. All students to be considered at a CAPES meeting will be asked to be available to appear before the Committee to provide additional information relevant to the concern. If the student fails to be available to appear at the meeting, the Committee may postpone the meeting or may conduct the meeting and impose sanctions without the student present. Failure of a student to appear or provide information requested by the CAPES may result in the committee’s filing a professionalism concern form. Meetings may be rescheduled at the discretion of the CAPES Chair.

E. If there are extenuating circumstances or contributing factors that the student feels the CAPES should consider, it is the students responsibility to bring them to the attention of CAPES in a timely manner before a determination is made regarding the students status.

F. The student shall be permitted, upon request in advance of the CAPES meeting, to appear before the CAPES on his or her own behalf. At the student’s request, he or she may be accompanied by a member of the faculty or staff of the School of Medicine for guidance and support. Alternatively, again following request, the student may be accompanied by a fellow student enrolled in the School of Medicine.

G. A record of the CAPES meeting shall be preserved for purposes of review by the School of Medicine’s Appeals Committee, as necessary.

H. When a student is considered by CAPES, their entire academic and professionalism record will be considered in deliberations regarding student status.

I. Action taken by the CAPES for poor academic performance may include dismissal. Sanctions short of dismissal from the school include but are not limited to warning, probation, defined penalty, and suspension. Additional consequences may include a program of remediation or additional oversight. The CAPES may also rule that the Dean’s letter/MSPE should include a citation regarding the matter. The CAPES decision shall be by simple majority vote unless the vote is for dismissal, in which case, a three-fourths majority will be required. The decision of the CAPES shall be communicated, in writing, to the student by the Registrar’s office.

J. After the meeting, the Associate Dean for Student Affairs will inform the student verbally of the decision of the CAPES. The Registrar will inform the student in writing of the result within ten working days.