Absence Policy for MSTP Students on Clinical Clerkships

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MSTP students are allowed to miss up to three days of any four-week clerkship, and up to nine days of any 12-week clerkship for any reason including interviews. This is a substantially more flexible policy than we have towards the M.D. students, in which we limit the number of days off to three in a four-week period, and five in a twelve-week period. We recognize that for some MSTP students entering competitive specialties with limited interview dates it may be necessary for them to plan far enough ahead in their training to schedule a month for either a very light elective or a free month to allow appropriate flexibility for interviews. The committee also agreed that the MSTP students should be encouraged to:

  1. talk with Dr. Kathryn Diemer early for assistance in residency planning;
  2. seriously consider coming out of lab a month earlier to allow flexibility for interviewing; and
  3. delaying graduation by one year to increase flexibility. When absences are necessary on a clerkship, advanced discussion with the clerkship director will better allow placement on a team to allow maximum educational value. We believe this policy strikes an appropriate balance between increased flexibility for the MSTP students and assuring a meaningful educational experience on the core clerkships.