Needle Stick/Human Blood and Body Fluid Exposure Policy

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All exposures to human blood and body fluids will be reported immediately to the Health Service. The Health Service maintains a 24 hour reporting system. During working hours, 8 a.m. – 4 p.m., the office can be reached at 362-3523 or 362-3528. After hours the Health Service can be contacted through a digital beeper at 871-2966.


Cleanse wound immediately with soap and water. If a mucous membrane has been exposed, rinse with copious amounts of water.

  1. Identify the source of exposure.
  2. Call the Health Service for further instructions. Source patient will be evaluated for HIV, Hepatitis B and Hepatitis C. The responsibility of acquiring patient consent for testing will be the responsibility of the physician in charge of the case. The employee will notify the physician. All source patient charges will be the responsibility of the Health Service.
  3. Complete the Injury/Exposure Report form
  4. Employees and students will report to the Health Service for follow-up. Individuals will be evaluated for:
    1. HIV or Serum Sample Save
    2. Hepatitis B Vaccination
    3. HbsAB (+test in past eliminates further testing)
    4. HCV
    5. Td
    6. PEP Prophylaxis

Human blood and body fluid exposures


  1. Clean area with soap and water.
  2. Call Employee Health (362-3528) or Student Health (362-3523) or after hours call the Digital Beeper (871-2966).
  3. Keep source or patient available for HIV, HbsAg, and HCV testing.
  4. Follow the instruction given by the Health Service. Complete an incident report.

Always wear Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)!