Medical Student Carrels, Lockers and Mail

Medical student carrels

The Farrell Learning and Teaching Center (FLTC) offers study carrels at no cost for every first- and second-year student. The carrels are equipped with personal desk space, secure storage and data ports. Third-floor carrels and keys are distributed to all incoming medical students during 1st year orientation. Rising 2nd year students will receive new carrels on the 4th floor subsequest to an email notification at the end of their lst year. (i.e., old keys from prior year will need to be returned.) A $10 fee is assessed for lost keys..


Student lockers with combination padlocks are available for use on the third and fourth floors of the Farrell Learning and Teaching Center. Locker assignments are made by the Registrar’s Office for a nominal fee to cover the cost of the padlock. Only padlocks issued by the Registrar’s Office may be used. Students interested in being assigned a locker should email the Registrar’s office.

Postal mail

If the Office of Student Services or the Registrar’s office receives postal mail for a medical student, the student will be notified via email about the delivery. First-class student postal mail sent to the School of Medicine for first- and second-year students will be put in student mailboxes located on the third and fourth floors of the FLTC. This can serve as a temporary mailing address until new students are settled in St. Louis. It is important that mail addressed and sent to the School of Medicine include both student name and year, as follows:

Jane Doe, WUMS I
Washington University School of Medicine
Campus Box 8077
660 S. Euclid Ave.
St. Louis, MO 63110-1093